Our #WEARyourSTRENGTHS collection pairs words of strength with corresponding leather pony cuffs & chokers. The collection is curated by students from University of Georgia, Athens Academy & Buckhead Exchange.

At VIP Survivor, we believe a true VIP takes a stand, makes a difference & changes lives. We believe everyone has unique God-given strengths to share. Our bespoke accessory line handmade by survivors of domestic violence is creating jobs for women in need.

53 results
Mighty Mini Wallet - Cheetah
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Black Metallic Diamond Earring
Mighty Mini Wallet - Bronze Snakeskin
Mighty Mini Wallet - Green Lambskin
Mighty Mini Wallet - White Cowhair
Mighty Mini Wallet - Snakeskin
Pony Cuff - Brown Cowhair
Pony Cuff - White Snakeskin
Flamingo Pink Feather Earring
Emerald Feather Earring
Silver Single Feather Earring
Mighty Mini Wallet - Red Lambskin
53 results
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