Gamechanger Barrel Laser Navy Lambskin 5-In-1 Handbag

$ 195.00

The Gamechanger Laser Navy Lambskin 5-In-1 Handbag is the perfect addition to your handbag collection. Make the CLEAR choice! This clear-bag-policy-approved laser navy barrel handbag gives you the power over style and security in NCAA and NFL stadiums as well as concert venues and arenas. With our patent-pending clear bag to covered bag design, security is a breeze. Simply snap off the cover to reveal the clear bag and whisk through security. Once inside, snap the cover back on to protect your personal items and feel more secure. The Gamechanger Barrel Bag is one in a papillion! Our bag is the only clear-bag-policy-approved bag that you can carry covered inside of NFL and NCAA stadiums and arenas. Style the convertible bag 5 ways: clutch, crossbody, shoulder bag, belt-bag or take the cover off and wear it clear.

Clear barrel base bag with canvas cover and leather strap.


  • Stadium Event Approved Clear Bag with Removable Cover
  • Silver hardware
  • Soft & Durable PVC Plastic Clear Bag with Leather Trim
  • Removable Genuine Leather Cover
  • Whistle Zipper Pull
  • Meets NFL/NCAA Stadium Rule


  • 4" x 8.5" x 4"
  • 48" leather strap

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